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Welcome to Travel Plans

I’m glad you’re here. Hopefully, the fact you are reading this means that you want to submit your travel plans to the publication!

This publication is dedicated to sharing your past, current, and future travel plans with the world. I’m excited to read what trips you you have planned and what you will do when you get there.

Hopefully, in sharing your own travel plans — you read other people’s travel plans, and are in turn inspired to travel to those other places as well.

What We Publish

The idea is pretty simple. We publish travel plans exclusively. While we love to read various travel stories, there are plenty of publications dedicated solely to that, so we suggest you go there for that.

That’s not to say, however, that you can’t intersperse some short stories from your travels within your plans. On the whole we prefer to publish articles that share where to go, where to stay, and how much it costs, and perhaps some insider tips if you’ve already been!

Feel free to be a bit creative with your travel plans — we don’t have any particular formatting requirements or anything like that, so get fancy!

Key Submission Guidelines

  1. All submissions must follow Medium’s rules and regulations.
  2. Unpublished drafts only, please.
  3. Original content — no rehashing or copy/pasting other people’s plans (this would break rule 1 as well).
  4. Style Guide
  • Try and include in the title the place and length of time (e.g. Five Weeks in Eastern Europe, or a Weekend in Stockholm on a Budget).
  • Don’t be afraid to add images, be it your own or someone else’s (with credit of course!)
  • When including prices — please try to add the local currency as well as a common fiat currency (e.g. £/$/EUR).

5. Submission — submit as you would to any other publication by clicking “add to publication”, then by clicking “Travel Plans”.

How to Write for Travel Plans

Simply comment on this post “I want to be a writer” and I will add you as a writer to the page.

Please bare with me with regards to article submissions, I am currently working on this by myself. I do hope to get back to you within three days when I can (hopefully a lot quicker).

Like many 24 year olds, just trying to find my place in the world. Travel, sports, finance - not necessarily in that order.

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