A story of languages bringing people together.

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In September, I’ll be heading off to Spain to teach English for eight months. My job role doesn’t require me to speak Spanish, but I’ve decided to take it upon myself to learn the language so I can at least be conversational enough to get by in day to day life.

Additionally, I love learning languages — I can speak Lithuanian to a decent level, Russian to a very basic conversational, French the same, and recently Albania to the most basic of levels.

I’m not fluent by any means in any of the languages above, but I can get by.


How to make sure your experience goes smoothly

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As part of my trip to Albania, I planned in a few weeks to try Workaway. I had heard great things about the site and was excited to do a little bit of work towards the end of my trip as something different to just staying in a hostel.

I applied to a number of roles, and while some got back to me and some didn’t — I was eventually offered the chance to help out at a campsite in southern Albania.

I was really excited about this experience to meet locals and guests alike. In the end, I was…


It’s not as hard as you think

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Whenever I travel abroad, I’m always surprised by how little of the local language other travellers speak.

Given that just 38 percent of Brits and 25 percent of Americans can hold a conversation in a second language, it is perhaps no surprise that it tends to be tourists from here who only speak English while abroad!

Even then, I tend to find that other travellers from non-English speaking countries resort to English when dealing with locals in a foreign country.

While you might find that speaking only English “get’s the job done”, I believe it can lower the quality of…

And I’ll laugh when it does

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When Bitcoin inevitably goes to zero, I’ll be laughing like a madman.

Because I’ll be buying ALL the Bitcoin if it does.

It seems as if everyone has given up on Bitcoin. There are articles left, right, and centre with predictions that finally Bitcoin will go to zero. That finally Bitcoin’s time has come.

Here’s what they all get wrong — us “Bitboys” (as one blogger called us sarcastically — I kind of like the name actually) want the price of Bitcoin to crash. Bitcoin becomes cheaper to buy.

“But why?” you may ask. It’s simple.

I like the coin

I’ve done a lot…


What happened when I didn’t travel light and travel solo

Photo by S&B Vonlanthen on Unsplash

My trip to Albania started just as it did any other one. I planned a solo travel trip and would use the same backpack I usually do when I go abroad.

Then, day by day, as the trip got closer, I started breaking my own advice. I went against my own advice to travel light, I went against my own advice to travel solo.

While I still enjoyed my trip, there were parts of it that I found excruciatingly frustrating. …

Travel. Albania. Southern Europe.

But does it really want to be?

Photo by Olga Pronkina on Unsplash

Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, said during his election run this year (2021) that he wanted Albania to be Europe’s “champion of tourism”.

Having just spent the past month in Albania, I could see the huge potential that Albania has in not just becoming Europe’s champion of tourism, but one of the premier tourist destinations on the continent. Albania’s people are friendly, the food is delicious, and there is something for all types of tourists — be it the mountains of the north or the Mediterranean beaches of the south.

However, if Albania wants to reach its pre-pandemic economy and…

How I stood out from the crowd

Photo by ray sangga kusuma on Unsplash

Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen an increase in the number of interviews I get for jobs.

Before those couple of years, I struggled to get a look-in for even the most basic jobs. Be it retail, temporary, hospitality — for some reason my CV always seemed to fall on deaf ears.

It was demoralizing. When you’ve got a degree and it seems to mean nothing, you start to doubt yourself.

Am I good enough?

Will I ever get a job?

But I realised that I put all my effort into my CV, without realising that sometimes it’s…


There’s always a chance to get sober

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

For some people like me, I didn’t need a challenge or reason to go sober. I just woke up one day and decided that alcohol was no longer for me.

For others, however, it’s not quite as simple. They might need a little encouragement to take the first step to sobriety.

That’s where sobriety challenges come in handy.

Around the world, various sobriety challenges take place year round to help people overcome alcoholism and addiction.

Starting with some of the most popular, I want to guide you to some challenges and resources that could help you start your journey to…

Travel. Albania. Mindful Traveling.

3 acts of kindness that made my trip to Albania special

A friendly local who wanted a picture! (Photo credit to author)

After arriving back in the UK after an immense month away, I’m forced to reflect on my experiences in Albania. As I sit here in my enforced 10-day home quarantine, I remember the incredible kindness of the Albanian people who never ceased to amaze me with their hospitality, kindness, and friendliness.

Before going to Albania, I had heard of the kindness that Albanians show to foreigners — but I couldn’t quite imagine it. Could a people be so friendly? Is it really possible?

I was skeptical. Sometimes in touristy areas, over-friendly people are con-artists trying to make a quick buck…

A story of trial and tribulation

Photo by Habib Ayoade on Unsplash

While watching England beat Germany 2–0 last week, the bar I was at in Albania collectively went “aweeee” when they showed the clip of the young German fan crying on TV.

Perhaps cruelly, I laughed and said to my friend, “she has no idea what true heartbreak is”. And that’s because, as an England fan over the last 24 years of my life, England fans have gone through these emotions — heartbreak to heartache — perhaps more than any other team.

A false hope

Every four (or five…) years we hear the old songs, sayings, and chants coming out.

“It’s coming home!”


Benito Linčovič

Like many 24 year olds, just trying to find my place in the world. Travel, sports, finance - not necessarily in that order.

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