10 Days to Get to the Arctic Circle

My plan to hitchhike in Sweden later this year!

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash
  • Accommodation — I hope that the virus situation will be better next time I go to Sweden. Thus, I plan to stay in hostels and campsites with a price range of between £20-£40. I’ll work on an average of £40/night and say £400 for the entire trip. If I get under this, happy days!
  • Living Costs: I’m happy to live off peanut butter and banana sandwiches for the duration of the trip, which will keep costs low. It’s important to remember that prices (even in supermarkets) are relatively high. I also would like to have a couple of MAX Burgers (~£10)! For this, I will budget £20/day or £200 for the trip.
  • Transportation: intra-city travel will be included in my living costs, but I plan to hitchhike between cities and towns where I can — keeping this cost very low (hopefully!)

Day 1: Acclimatise and make some miles.

If I arrive in Stockholm in the morning or early afternoon, I plan almost instantly to make some miles towards the Arctic Circle. After catching a bus from the airport to the city centre (~£10), I will almost instantly hop onto a FlixBus to Uppsala (~£5), a university town about an hour north of Stockholm.

Days 2–4: Let the fun begin.

My second day will be the day I begin hitchhiking my way north. There’s not much to plan, but if you didn’t already know — Sweden is big, especially south to north and vice versa. So despite the initial step to get to Uppsala, I won’t have dented Sweden.

  • Gallivare/Skaulo

Day 5–6: Relaxing in Swedish nature

I would like to spend a few days sitting by a lake in a rented caravan, reading and exploring. I’ve seen these on AirBnB and booking.com for £40/night, and they look incredible.

Day 7–9: Back to Stockholm

By this time I’ll need to get a move on back to Stockholm. On the way up, I will have taken the coastal road (E4); however, I’d like to go through the centre of the country a bit more on the way back. There are less big towns and cities along the E45 down the centre of the country, but taking this into account, my targets hitchhiking will be to get to:

  • Ostersund
  • Sundsvall (I’ll have to come back across the country at some point!)

Important Notes

As I mentioned earlier, hitchhiking is very uncertain. As a result of my previous lessons hitchhiking, I won’t be pre-booking accommodation. Although I have my daily targets, there’s also a possibility I could hitch a ride on the very first day up to Galivarre or Skaulo. Meaning I have more time to spend up there and more time to get back down to Stockholm.

Like many 24 year olds, just trying to find my place in the world. Travel, sports, finance - not necessarily in that order.

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